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tv   13 News 4  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that four starts right now the breaking news coming out of chesapeake where a senior living community facility caught fire happened in great bridge reporter ariel a ball is out there at the scene in there and it looks like things are under control that's right yeah i actually spoke to the one with the first person to really notice this fire. she happens to be outside he says he saw a small flame outside. or i will get back to aaron in just a bonus we get new details on that fire in chesapeake stay with us for that that is ken cuccinelli that is breaking news as well state senate panel has endorsed ken cuccinelli former virginia attorney general for a spot on the state supreme court originally ran for governor back in twenty thirty his endorsement comes after a
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fill the supreme court positions governor mccall of selective justice james rouse but republican leaders rejected her. the senate then push for court of appeals judge ross the allston but failed to get her to the high court and now to more breaking news this time on the roads in norfolk as we head toward thirteen years now traffic camera a big multi vehicle accidents sixty four westbound before fourth view blocked traffic for quite awhile this afternoon as you can see the left lane just reopened minutes ago i spoke with police tried to get more details in the accident. right now those details are limited. we do not know of people are injured but as you can see it is still a very active scene as traffic is literally weaving through the scene to get by this accident quickly on our second camera will show you the backup behind and take a look at this this is four miles away from the scene at little creek road and the back of actually begins a half mile before death at tidewater drive so
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side according to the peninsula i should say take the monitor merrimack with the james river bridge and coming up just a few minutes i'll have the latest on this accident and that major backup right thank you ashley a major changes on the way for the outer banks construction for the new bomber bridge is set to begin today governor pat mccrory joint officials for a groundbreaking ceremony transportation officials made a construction agreement last june the new bridge will span three and a half miles and will take about three years to complete it will run parallel to the current bonner bridge the old bridge was built back in nineteen sixty three is overdue for replacement bridge hadn't expected lifespan of thirty years. another beautiful day in hampton roads right now we're taking a live look at hampton from our sky view than it looks like the highs for today beat out yesterday fell really feels really warm day and tomorrow's going to be even warmer than today of
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today jogging riding bikes taking walks pushing one can spin pushed in strollers as the temperature warms up the next few days i think we'll see even more that you can see mice clear skies across the region this is a shot there from downtown from around not guess looking back actually toward the station right now she can see there's nothing on whether lab radar so we can skip right ahead talk about the temperatures because they are warmer than yesterday double digits in almost all cases you can see here running exactly ten warmer than yesterday. this time here. south's i release the norfolk international parts of south side up on the sixteen degrees were talking fifteen degrees warmer in newport news right now sixteen seventeen warmer gulf a wallop silent areas there on the eastern shore almost that much down in many of the reason for this talk about yesterday bermuda high we get that typically in the summer as it is sitting in developing and building in intensity offshore we get
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and that's pushing the south westerly winds on up in the region temperatures running fifteen to twenty degrees above average and as you just saw running about fifteen to twenty degrees above yesterday as well. more in store even with slightly warmer readings believe it or not next couple days but then eventually someone comes in with this ugly wins chance for a few showers at times i'll talk about that my return. write a mother and child are recovering after they were struck by a car in office. police say two cars crashed in hampton boulevard and twenty six street this morning. the jeep was heading northbound on hampton blvd when nissan making a left turn didn't yield to cars crashed in the nissan spun out hitting the mother and young child who are trying to cross the street officer say this accident could have been much worse than nissan collided with the mother the impact of the nissan bolted the mother in the trout about six seven feet away from the accident both mother and child are
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the driver of the nissan with failure to yield and newport news schools gained national recognition for its summer program the city is leading the charge in keeping kids involved when school lets out sparkle or summer program for arts recreation and knowledge is making a major difference in students' lives. elise brown shares why school officials say programs like this are essential to keeping students invested in their education. mark is lighting fires. it stands for summer program for arts and recreation in knowledge the war in the third in the re use it the more the music students from kindergarten to high school also get exposed to activities such as acting journalism and robotics twelve year old nelson for
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about the program the movies the movie the day the world is the newport news schools superintendent ashby kilgore said high school students even get job experience they have on the learning lab in the morning but then they work for us in the afternoon and they help manage our elementary and middle school programs that help one million dollars state grant the school announced it's expanding talk last year two thousand seems to speed this summer in time to fix out of the more people involved the better. congressman bobby scott says programs like spark cut down on juvenile delinquency help close the achievement gap that has shown that during the summer those who are not active actually regress almost two months with some help over the summer students like for haas will keep that fire going all school year long in newport news police brown
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virginia attorney general mark herring is in hampton roads visiting the norfolk police youth academy is part of his third annual public safety tour events on his tour designed to highlight community policing in training and promote building community relationships today herring also visited the hampton roads criminal justice training academy in newport news and the statewide triad conference in virginia beach today senators mark warner and tim kaine announced grants to combat homelessness in virginia more than twenty three million dollars will come from the u s department of housing and urban development. hampton roads will get more than six million dollars from the continuum of care program the program is designed to provide funding for efforts by nonprofits and help homeless individuals and families become self sufficient. i do housing community for a homeless and low income workers is officially open for junior beach mayor will sessions hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony this morning norfolk mayor paul frame also attended crescent square will house forty two people
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and thirty eight whose incomes are half of the median wage governor mcauliffe plans to veto a bill that aims to block state funding for planned parenthood the state senate gave the legislation final approval yesterday supporters of the bill want to ensure that state money is not used for elective abortions people oppose say it's a political attack on abortion rights if that mccall a veto goes through as expected republicans likely will not have enough votes to overturn it. today more voters are hitting the poles around the country republicans are voting in primaries and idaho michigan and mississippi hawaii is holding republican caucuses democrats also are voting in primaries in michigan and mississippi two hundred and five delegates are on the line for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. there are one hundred and fifty republican delegates up for grabs tax season can be a pain but if you live in virginia beach you could get free help virginia beach human services department will help qualifying
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fourth twenty fifth of the human services department resource lab you can complete your taxes with an irs trained volunteers make sure you bring essential tax documents like social security and last year's tax return you can find all of the details were helping out on thirteen years now. dot com and if you looking for jobs this summer there's an upcoming job fair in virginia beach. the jobs are at the veterans united home loans amphitheatre the effort there to be seasonal and part time positions open for the summer concert season and positions include ushers parking attendants guest services the hiring event is saturday at lansdowne middle school if you go good luck and if you are a beer lover they gave me this story guys your unlock norfolk is home to one of the best beer bars in the country and it's the birch it comes in fifth analysts by usa today the left took into consideration the selection of beer whether local rare or
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great atmosphere also come into play. you'll have to travel a little more to go to the first place bar that those to me kong restaurant in richmond or thirteen year old makes a narrow escape from a kidnapper. i just knew in contests and weigh in scream how she managed to get out of a dangerous situation and developments out of baltimore on the death of freddie gray maryland's highest court makes a
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. a crime alert in hampton where police say two seven eleven robberies are connected. the first one happened late last night uncle buck grove road the second half and two hours later four miles away on shell road. we have a picture of the suspects in both cases the men had a gun and ran away once they got cash from the register if you know something about these cases call the crime line velo to baltimore maryland highest
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william porter must testify against fellow officers the cases involve the death of freddie gray gray died in police custody last april after the rest laughed porter's manslaughter trial ended in a hung jury in december sense that he's tried to avoid being called as a witness and other trials related to freddie gray's arrest the new ruling reverses a lower court's decision that kept porter from testifying against the officers caught on camera a florida girl narrowly escaped a kidnapping here surveillance video from the panel beach a man in an suv pulls up to a thirteen year old girl while she was walking her school she says he asked her where she was going and she ignored it then before she knew when he grabbed her from behind her back pack was in the way so he couldn't get a good grip he grabbed me around my waist in the graph displaying the ten hits. i was like pulling her dress like away
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clinton lake. i guess he gave up and i this company got the win back to its current general manager onto a nearby relative's house and the suspect involved is still on the ron paul has failed drug test at the australian open cost or a sponsorship with nike top lawyer and porsche also suspended the relationships with the tennis star yesterday share both admitted she took the drug. melatonin for ten years she says a doctor prescribe it and was not on the banned list until the rules changed in the new year nike sponsorship goes back to two thousand ten was sharp over the deal was worth seventy million dollars over the years. another major league player in the nfl announced his retirement the detroit lions calvin johnson is saying goodbye after nine seasons he had said earlier in the offseason he was considering retirement he says his decision wasn't an easy one to make johnson is a six time pro bowler andy broke hall of famer jerry rice's records with one
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sixty four receiving yards in two thousand and twelve i get ready for a total solar eclipse tonight s when the moon covers the sign and casting a shadow on the earth's surface. it's scheduled to happen between eight thirty eight eight forty two you won't be able to see at the total eclipse will only be visible over parts of southeast asia and the pacific ocean but nasa has you covered. they planned the lights tree that only clips on their website in the next solar eclipse the us will have will be on august twenty first. we talked a little bit about a really warm temperatures out there today let's take a look obviously there's nothing on whether lab radar and we are going to continue with that theme as we go through the next couple days but after that we keep the warmth for a while might vary a tiny bit down with a weak front coming in but that front could cause a couple showers
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just a second right now the seventy three degrees winds have shifted on shore and south westerly westerly all day but now it's so warm are actually getting a little bit of a sea breeze and east northeast wind right now that's why our readings have stopped rising so quickly like they were earlier very dry air mass though with that humidity nineteen percent and is really really dry i seventy five in newport news seventy six gloucester seventy six in franklin same thing a husky and soft peck eighty one in williamsburg right now almost eighty in virginia beach. only sixty eight got a little bit of a wind off the water there at the end of the pier so that's why a temper tends to be somewhat cooler for this evening then dropping back from the seventies in the sixties years or seven o'clock tuesday at seven o'clock reading and you'll notice way down into the sixties the farther inland you go most of us here in sort of what we would call i guess the metro area. seven cities area will generally be
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low to mid sixties and by nine thirty still really really mild for this time this is well above a normal afternoon high in here we will be at nine thirty still above normal in fact our morning lows are pretty close to what a typical afternoon high is this time of year where generally around fifty five fifty six for a high you can see we have fifty four fifty six right near the water's edge by nine o'clock talking about temperatures rapidly climbing into the sixties and then tomorrow afternoon at least as warm as today and probably a little bit warmer i think a few of the spots will hit eighty degrees around the region tomorrow tomorrow night lou little bit of a worry about some of the southwest wind bringing on to some areas near the coastline so that's something we'll watch for even if we do get it it's unlikely them burn off during the afternoon and give us again very warm temperatures for this time of year in
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earlier those are now long gone for tonight fifty two mainly clear upper forties for the inland areas tomorrow high temps around seventy seven seventy five on thursday in one ear is the probably hit eighty again and the record by the way is eighty we can to make a run at that theoretically even at the airport sixty seven on friday sixty six saturday so that's the way above normal ten degrees or so just not as warm as the next two days and a little bit of a chance to shower and a couple locations late in the week and into the weekend as i don't forget you move the clocks forward an hour saturday night losing our sleeping an hour of daylight in the evening that's latest from the weather authority i coming up a strange way the answer which came first
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. i we are back with what could be the strangest thing
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might be the strangest making your mark story we've done yet. listen and watch closely you'll find out why a giant chicken and a giant bag of a lot of heart i normally would your eggs are runny this isn't what comes to mind but yes that is the day again that is a chicken running along keppel road. now we know this seems half baked but this is actually special training for the shamrock marathon monday getting tough on the way so they don't crack under pressure because this chicken and egg are building up their strength to run the shamrock eight k settling once and for all the question at the finish line. what comes first the chicken or the day was going to win the job the base of supporters keeping them sunny side up blue's second
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something silly again. this was hatched by the man of the chicken suit as a way to help children's charities and that's why he's running the shamrock for lovely and everyone at the rock solid foundation we build hope for kids battling cancer. we do this by building play sets in their backyards of kids eight and under ten kids nine and up we had to completely completely models for them to run for an ear open and the egg is running for operation smile which it works. they travel the world fixing facial deformities on children the children benefit from a break from this community has always rallied for us this might be a unique way to rally but their hearts are in the right place the chicken and egg scramble to go the distance the back and then you are planning to move us all ride now that let me explain here guys of the chicken is actually nigel holland and the egg is michael harvey martin and both are members of the very
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the seventies funk is another great day and it was fabulous the vote to vote for the chicken representing rock solid with the egg representing operation smile you have to head to the chicken or the egg got bored with the chicken or the egg dot org and all of your donations will go to the charity you choose regardless of who or what comes in first at the big race the chicken or the parents in and continued to be exact. they want to be creative and draw extra attention to themselves to help out too great or is that in a good job and a great band too. yes they are alright if you find yourself reaching for an allegro or claritin like me are not alone. allergy season is upon us local doctors tell us
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if i were updating the breaking news out of chesapeake where senior living community facility has caught fire happened at
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bridge at great bridge reporter annie le bao is out there on the same with the latest ad has been to the woman was one of the first people to really notice this fire she said without citing that it must resolve small plane outside her neighbor's house but within minutes of her seeing that plane actually getting across the street he says those lines grow out of control to take a look behind you can see truth actually inside that apartment where they believe this fire started actually working to remove a lot of that debris is was about some of those hot spots even though this apartment is the one in spain most of the damage we're told three other adjoining apartments. actually we danced to have the time three people were home they all were able to make it out safely but right now investigators are really just trying to comb through what's left inside this house put out some of those smoky spots as well as eventually pinned down what actually caused this fire but coming up that
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didn't really help save our neighbor's idea what he says it will be to reporting live here in chesapeake ideally both teams now are absolutely no reason to grab the code is unseasonably warm today clear sunny skies at the oceanfront with temperatures reaching the seventies that's just really pretty take a look at this is virginia beach the ocean from our sky view camera the stretch of warm weather is expected to continue through the week chief meteorologist geoff lawson is tracking is beautiful warm and wholesome can watch i was curious if anybody was going in the water scene a couple of people and maybe up to their ankles but that's about it i'm sure with some surfers in wetsuits that are going farther offshore occasionally but still very chilly this time me and that's why we get a wind off the water. it tends to be really chilly here in march and april but this time you're with the southwest when we get the war and that's what we have out there right now. no clouds nothing on radar temperatures running ten fifteen or more degrees warmer right now than they were at this exact time
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there sort of shifty they're not very strong they had been south westerly much of the day. now they're starting to come in a few spots on shore so it's not quite as warm right near some of the beaches is what we saw a little bit earlier. for example hampton ne wind and six virginia beach northeast today we had again south westerly winds all through the afternoon so that's what we've dropped just a tiny bit right now back into the seventies lower seventies in spots closer to the water continued to drop them pretty quickly through the sixties and in the fifties this evening and then our normal high by the weighs about fifty five or fifty six while the getting it down not too much different than that for an overnight low and then tomorrow even warmer than today as we skyrocket up past the mid seventies and it will be very very pleasant very sunny so again this is the kind of weather stick around for couple of days and then a chance with the showers moves and then a little bit of a drop of talk
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balmy temperatures mean the allergy season is upon us i generally talk with an allergist today who says his office has been packed with patients over the last couple of weeks when the warm temperatures are signal to the street that it's time to release their pollen and on days like today the pollen count is already pretty high and in the next couple of weeks i'm told it's going to be even higher than a nice warm day like today the question with her family but the warmer weather means those pesky allergies are coming back. it's in his sentencing does not do the things a thing to say dr cranky need is a local allergy physician he started seeing a spike in patients back in december and january with the unseasonably warm winter we had that mind of all for coming into this and probably increase like mold issue for many patients for the pom that recon counts came up with already pretty
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counts are going up. that means even more patience i would say over the past month and the impact he said the best way to keep two seconds from flaring up is prevention. keep your windows closed shower at the end of the day to wash off any pollen on your skin and hair and a boy taking naps on the couch. i often tell people to be careful about sleeping lounging napping on any fabric furniture which turns the whole lot of allergens including phones that during the season. jenny thirteen years now no outs on the couch. there you have the map that flavor actually they did what he got old and in al ain ability of always bringing bad news to you know big backer was now on sixty four westbound on sixty four still the biggest issue we actually have two issues working now one in norfolk
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let's start with the big one after taking a look across into rows maybe you're not headed sixty four west or to sixty four west you can see how things are shaping up elsewhere but now let's dig into the bait to trap the troubles of the afternoon taking a look at our first camera sixty four westbound before fourth use or four miles from the hr bt u can see the wax get the left lane excuse me is open right now due to a multi vehicle crash the right lane remains blocked this point we have a five and a half mile back up to chesapeake boulevard so for those headed to the peninsula do not take the hr bt head over to the monitor merrimack that is clear to newport news and the jr b is also clear to newport news. a quick look at our second camera in virginia beach a new accident to sixty four west before newtown blocking the two left lanes caused the one mile back up to which dogs so we are busy this afternoon to have the latest for you coming up next. dr virginia lawmakers are the first in the nation to approve legislation regulating the online fantasy
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mcauliffe signed legislation that formally legalize and regulate sites such as fan duel in dr king's under the new law fantasy sites have to pay a fifty thousand dollars registration fee and submit to regular outside on its the legislation also explicitly says that fantasy sites are not the legal gambling. mcauliffe says the new law will keep consumers safe from abuse international women's day is quite the talker on social media today recognizes women who have played a role in the history of their countries and communities alicia abraham g has the latest worldwide people are taking the pledge our mind right now to participate in celebrating international women's day according to the campaign's website the world economic forum predicted in two thousand fourteen that he would take until two thousand ninety five to achieve global gender equality. sounds like a long time but then a year later in two thousand fifteen. they estimated that a slowdown in progress and the gender gap what is actually close
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thirty three. now i found this quiz let me pull that up we found this quiz today on international women's day in this class allows you to take it and find out how was he would have broken today. if you're a woman living elsewhere in the world so really interesting question i actually took of myself and i broke seven laws so again this day is about raising awareness in closing the gender gap we've got all this information on thirteen years now dot com if you wanna take it yourself i thank you very much on this international women's day women in hampton roads will have a new herd shelter in chesapeake the shelter opens tomorrow and from her shelter here to talk about the opening. thank you so much for coming on we really appreciate it thank you for having me this is a big deal for you all. yes we are so excited tomorrow marks nine for opening our second shelter in chesapeake. we already have one in portsmouth as so we're very excited about that were able to reach more people provide more service as some are very
4:37 pm
olivia when people come to the shelter in portsmouth where some of the biggest challenges that they have our biggest fears with our clients are usually finding employment and housing a lot of our clients are starting over and they don't have that support the baby don't have those resources that a lot of other people do so coming and our goals are always to wrap them in service is make sure that they are finding employment finding housing getting support counseling and assessing the needs of the children we really just wanna make sure that we're taking care of all of our clients need so that moving forward they can be sustainable and happy and healthy. are you seeing a growing me. absolutely i think we definitely are reaching a lot more people and these days knowing about the shelter so he doesn't see a greater need of people that need shelter reaching out for shelter. i think that that need has always been there but i definitely think the resources are becoming more available and people are seeing. ok so it's about more weirdness. yes absolutely and people know that the your you're there and are seeking
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third one i'm not right now we're working on tomorrow right now we're focusing on but absolutely down the road we would love to expand and offer additional programs grow from there and so i could definitely see a third shelter or in the future but right now really focusing on tomorrow are very excited about it i will congratulations auntie olivia smith further from her shelter. we appreciate it thank you okay. david tried the world is remembering nancy reagan of course the first lady when president ronald reagan was in the white house nancy reagan became an advocate for alzheimer's research. after her husband was diagnosed abc's brandy hit is at the reagan presidential library with more brutal than nancy reagan were inseparable constantly holding hands in a love story spanning five decades and that connection was of the utmost importance to the former first lady even after her death is there one thing nancy reagan definitely wanted to happen. her service
4:39 pm
which was to be laid to rest as close as physically possible to ronnie. so when her casket is lowered into the ground which is close to him so they could hold hands this was the last time they were close in two thousand for the former president was laid to rest at the ronald reagan library. among the one thousand invited guests who will now attend her private service friday. former president george w bush and laura bush hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama i am so grateful for her kindness and generosity to me and my family over the years first though the public will get to pay its respects when mrs. reagan lies in repose wednesday and thursday i was ready i knew the day was coming of course i was ready in this interview with diane sawyer she even recalled this conversation with the reverend billy graham i just want to tell me that
4:40 pm
be there waiting for his own absolutely yes. tens of thousands are expected to attend a public viewing is at the library and if people are still in line when the allotted time is up a library will remain open because they say that is what nancy reagan would have one item i want to check your travel plans airports are expected to get busier this month and next month with schools and universities releasing students for spring break. up next what tsa workers are saying about the increase in passengers and how soon you should get to the airport to go through
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. take a look there bees swarming around that overturned truck cleanup continues in tennessee after a tractor trailer hauling several
4:44 pm
the beehives made it difficult for emergency crews to get to the driver trapped inside the truck. bush did a bunch of the hats when turner was in the bottoms and tops of all form and made these pretty much scattered everywhere in the driver told first responders as gps took him in the wrong direction crews still have to clean up the fuel spill that's underneath the truck and new information now on those ego of virus in the headlines in usa today dot com the world health organization cited reports from several countries that sexual transmission of this virus is more common than previously thought. after meeting with its emergency committee the un health agency says there is increasing evidence that a spike in disturbing part the facts and neurological problems are caused by zynga which is mostly spread by mosquito bites. it was justified that's the new determination by the authorities in the deadly shooting of robert love wife ann to come he was
4:45 pm
protests that resulted in his group occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon police say officers shot and when finnegan reach for pistol in his jacket as officers attempted to arrest him and other occupiers after the shooting the fbi released aerial video of the shooting which appears to support their version of events fit them supporters have called for an independent investigation and will we ever know what happened to this plane. today marks the two year anniversary of the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight three seventy which at two hundred thirty nine people aboard. it was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing on march eight twenty fourteen disappeared hours after diverted from its flight path. searchers so far have scant thirty three thousand square miles of the indian ocean and it turned up only a one piece and a possible pill peace but no sign of the jet's fuselage of the australian official spearheading the search says it is very likely that the plane will be found within four months but they
4:46 pm
the search. if nothing is found by the summer when mr bill wright is national colon cancer awareness month and one of the greatest breakthroughs in the last two years is immune therapy to treat cancer and that's when a person's immune system attacks the cancer cells john torres has one main story in therapy that means turning on a person's own immune system to attack the cancer cells and steven estrada colon cancer patient is proof that this treatment does save lives the struggle was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer a year and a half ago he was just twenty eight years old he says he went through surgery and grueling chemotherapy ended up feeling so sick and dr wells measure smith his oncologist at the university of colorado got him into a clinical trial within your
4:47 pm
the stream and his miracle this in your therapy has been a godsend. i'm thankful everyday for i a i go in once every three weeks and get an infusion doesn't take any time at all and i feel wonderful when it works the advantage of a new therapy is that it has very little side effects. some people don't lose their hair there's no tmr. there are as far as we know sort of long term effects of times to work for long periods of time and intensity very well tolerated so people can go back to work and have a really good quality of life and steven says he's back at work and feeling great. doctors don't know how long i'll have to continue treatment but say he's doing well and doctors recommend people get screened for colon cancer at the age of sixty so any problems can be caught early spring breakers are expected to head to the airports and roads tsa workers say they are prepared to screen more than sixty five million travelers over spring break this month
4:48 pm
passengers on a typical day worker say it's best to passengers get to the airport about two to three hours before takeoff. seaworld officials say the killer whale responsible for the death of a trainer back in two thousand ten is very sick in a post on the parts blocked illegal appears to have a bacterial infection in his lungs infection is resisting treatment veterinarians are trying to make it on manage it. take care of this and make sure that the whale is comfortable seaworld has taken care of telecom for twenty three years. temperatures around here felt almost late spring like not quite summer like today they're going to continue to feel that way all of the good news i pointed out earlier as warm as it was there was no humidity at all in the atmosphere so clear skies on whether lab radar we had these kind of temperatures again late spring with milan humidity we might be talking about a couple of thunderstorms popping up especially little bit of a sea breeze it's been
4:49 pm
now the wind has died off enough that allow that sea breeze to kick an answer to come in from two different directions southwest leave apart the region east northeast in other areas that tens in the summer to run into each other and create some pop up storms. not when you only have the humidity of ninety percent we will see nothing like that out there today. in fact there are no clouds out there on that live shot right now so from skyview captures this evening dropping back under mainly clear conditions very pleasant levels affect about sixty two degrees winds at the southwest in the sun later and later six o six peak wind gust today not very much but up into the teens to near twenty and again out of the west in the southwest emergency that flipping back again this evening even though right near the water we've gone a couple of areas to the east and northeast that enters then dropping this evening back in the sixties by sevens seven thirty eight o'clock a lot of spots will be in the sixties mid sixties that point and then eventually upper fifties
4:50 pm
nine thirty ten o'clock at night and by morning only a very few spots will be in the forties to some the farthest were in the one most role of spots most of us will be in the lower fifties will rise up quickly to the sixties tomorrow morning for the rant of rush hour out there some of the very latest bus stops that you're waiting out there you'll find readings in the sixties and by afternoon at least as warm as today and probably even a couple degrees warmer in some spots. notice the temperatures continue with that southwest when to be very much above normal tomorrow evening and overnight into thursday will see readings again just being way above normal with mid seventies except for a few spots near the water course where it's pretty chilly this time of year keeps you in the sixties high temperatures today eighty one million from eighty one virginia beach seventy four seventy five that's not a typo we don't put these numbers and not sure what's up with chesapeake for reading but
4:51 pm
bit of a glitch with their sensor because it is not fifty four down there i can promise you that you can see some again clear skies with a few high thin clouds west of the mountains tonight the mainly clear fifty two upper forties for the inland locations and look at this seven day seventy seven tomorrow seventy five thursday and we might even have to up that i had seventy seven. i think the inland areas will be but maybe a little bit of a sea breeze again could keep this only in the mid seventies on thursday near the water so i'm not that back a tiny that is that's the official high and then little bit of a threat of some wet weather at times maybe friday saturday sunday monday nothing in terms of a substantial rain but it stays way above normal. i thank you well you might see some changes with airplane bathrooms talk about this trending know yes it's a big talker on facebook right now boeing engineers think they have a solution for those smelly grimy tightened after invading get on the airplane uv light is their answer
4:52 pm
has filed a patent for a self cleaning the lavatory that disinfect surfaces in just three seconds incredible boeing planes to let boeing plans to use far uv which it says is different than the weights used in tanning beds and is not harmful to people at all. the design also incorporates a hand for hands free faucets soap dispenser trash clapped we were leading and feet and hand dryer to decrease the number of germs and the surface is that people have to touch so don't expect to see any of this on planes soon. the companies as implementation to take a few years but the lookout for great those of us over the age of twenty eight probably remember microsoft's windows ninety five operating system very well. i know i do but many millennials don't agree with teams got their first chance to see what we endured more than twenty years ago check it out windows ninety five cents
4:53 pm
so their reactions are going viral right now sitting on a dell computer these teams took turns talking about their thoughts as he saw there were anything but impressed the whole videos on thirteen years now he wanna check it out and yesterday was national cereal day we loved it and today is another breakfast today. here is the national pancake day and celebrate. i have restaurants are offering a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes but hurry up. there's only a few more hours to take advantage of this and in return for the free pancakes guests will be asked to consider leaving a small donation to children's miracle network hospitals so it's for charity or cause him facing them pancakes are good anytime of day really good thank you thank you my starbucks is making a big recall all over the fear of listeria. what item is on the recall list. that's coming up next thirteen years now and five we're following breaking news former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli could be headed to
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. starbucks is recalling certain breakfast sandwiches for possible listeria contamination the company says it recalled the sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches from two hundred and fifty stores in arkansas texas and oklahoma food manufacturer progressive gourmet makes the sandwiches for starbucks recalled sandwiches had the best before date of august seven that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now. and that breaking news former attorney general ken cuccinelli could be headed to the state supreme court just a short time ago a senate committee endorsed the conservative republican for the opening investigative reporter laura geller joins us with the breaking details. well guys this is not a done deal
4:58 pm
justice committee voted along party lines to advance cuccinelli ii's nomination today but the issue would still have to pass both the full house and senate cuccinelli is known as one of virginia's most conservative politicians. his name my fat might sound familiar as he is a vocal opponent of same sex marriage but about catholic argued against the legalization saying the decision should be left to the states. he's also known to be anti abortion cuccinelli also ran for governor in twenty thirteen and was narrowly defeated by current governor terry mcauliffe. so where do we go from here. republicans have a large majority in the house so vote along party lines there would mean the body likely names cuccinelli for the commonwealth's highest court the senate on the other hand is closely divided that full body appears likely to take up coaching ellie's nomination tomorrow and of course we will be following the details. laura geller thirteen years now. right now
4:59 pm
living community they're putting out hot spots after a fire displaced four people and the lobos live at the scene in great charity that i didn't actually still working on putting out some of those hot spots they've been holding down a lot of that debris from inside the home take a look behind you can see some investigators right now and then removing a lot of that debris from the inside the house to help them with putting out some of those hot spots that have been sparking that even though there's one more minute you're looking at is what's insane most of the damage there were three additional apartments that were also damaged. thankfully everyone that worked with in her home at this time of the fire were able to make it out safely the part that was due to a quick action of a neighbor who immediately saw some fire and ran to help our neighbors take a listen and iran over the years as i was one the braves got high and
5:00 pm
an impossible idea. today jay lived at home mom is by and grab his mother can't get him a braun as we said this is a senior living community for people have been displaced from their homes and investigators will be out for much of the night trying to figure out what exactly causes by the lazy or just be the road continues now with the information on the man accused of making mass and suffolk state police arrested brian keith ward yesterday entertain got ahold of warren's arrest warrants and found out when officers found inside the suspects . brian ward remains locked up tuesday held without bond today after state police say they discovered a meth lab in the shed behind his country home in suffolk before sunrise monday a regional task force executed a search warrant along elwood road targeting the home warren shares with his brother according to court documents police found three guns inside his living room belongs in that case a purse


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